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A Legacy Spanning more than 30 Years

Anna Liza, the first prime time soap opera, originally aired from Sunday to Friday on the GMA network, from 1980 - 1986. The series was created by Ray Benedicto and Raynee Salgado. Before it became a tv series, it is first a radio drama in Cebu during the seventies. It become a television series and it is directed by Gil Soriano. The series become a major hit in the philippines and it beats the rating of Flordeluna. The series ended with an incomplete storyline in 1986 because of Julie Vega's sudden death.


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"Hindi po ako pinalaki sinungaling at mapanakit sa ibang tao!"
Annaliza Benedicto

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262116 10150230735848412 6283184 n Anna Liza Santiago is the main protagonist of the 1980 soap opera Anna Liza

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